Godfrey Blow

Godfrey Blow Workshop:

July 22nd to August 5th, 2013

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Slideshow images by: Godfrey Blow, Daivd Jones, Enrique Martinez Celaya, George Shaw, Rick Amor, John Nash, David Keeling, Alexander MacKenzie


In my two week programme we will work from man-made structures and natural motifs found in the local landscape. We will focus on the opportunities working at different times of the day gives us and use form, colour, space, perspective and composition in the development of ideas.

The first week will be spent making many sketches from motifs using basic drawing and painting techniques. It will be useful also to take digital images of each location to refer to in the second week. There will be a concentration on the study of tonal and colour values. These studies will enable the students to build up knowledge of the location, which can be later translated into individual compositions. I hope that the students will be able to develop not only skills but also an ability to feel an emotion necessary for creating works of art. In other words taking art to a higher level.

During the second week, which will be studio based, we will take what we have learnt previously and further develop the work. In addition we will learn how to enlarge and use studies for larger works. Taking individual sketches and studies we will develop these into imaginary landscapes. This will involve changing scale, combining images and creating new compositions.

Paints- oil or acrylic.

Flake, Cremnitz or Titanium white

Ivory Black

Ultramarine Blue

Phthalocyanine Blue Lake


Cadmium Red light

Burnt Sienna/Transparent Red Oxide

Raw Umber

Raw Sienna

Yellow Ochre

Cadmium Yellow

Cadmium Lemon Yellow

Permanent Sap Green

Phtholocyanine Green Lake

I use Michael Harding oils but any brand would be alright.

Other materials:

Genuine turpentine/odourless solvent

Small jar of stand oil

Bag for carrying materials


Palette Knife

Small jar with lid

French easel/Field easel

Roll of gessoed canvas with cardboard tube for transport on plane (36″ or smaller)

Small pieces of masonite or other stiff flat surface

Vine charcoal.

Selection of pencils

Sketchbook and putty rubber/eraser


Digital camera.