Robert Kogge

Common Ground: Inside and Out

June 24th – July 8th, 2013

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I would hope that students taking this class have considerable experience in drawing as they will be somewhat out of their element in working with a new medium.

With atmospheric perspective and its subdued palette being such distinct features of the Italian landscape I will introduce a process of my own design that lends itself very well to both. This process of colored pencil and ink wash on canvas elects the weave as the dominant mark that generates a particulate profile to the atmosphere as it renders positive and negative space evenly. In removing students from their preferred medium or, comfort zones, they will experience an example of personalizing ones methods to best suit their individual vision and consider process as an expressive force. This medium will claim a distinct role in the ‘nature’ of the images produced and also afford the latitude of exhibiting these works as painting or drawing. Beyond this workshop and for their independent afternoon sessions, students may use what ever materials they wish in gathering information/studies they will bring to finished works as well as review the distinctly different mediums. All formal issues of two dimensional art and the task of uniting them into a balanced composition will be addressed.

We will be working with still lifes and landscape; initially stressing a simplification of elements and value constructs to establish an overall geometric adherence to the format. Only until an agreeable composition is established will any particulars be addressed…with equal passion to all. Finally, students will be encouraged to apply aspects or systems from one motif to the other, as a way to draw common ground through more universal vision and to detach us from what we think we know.

Our class will meet in the mornings on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30-12:00.  This is when we will have discussions, presentations, demonstrations, critiques as well as time to work together as a group with individual attention to all. Each student must bring their own Field easel/ French easel and brushes and pencils. (See more at materials list)

Thursdays are reserved for bus trips to view art. Excursions in the past have been the Piero della Francesca Tour of Arezzo, San Sepolcro & Urbino, trips to Naples, Rome, Florence, or Bologna. Also included are evening slide talks by faculty.

To download list of materials click here.