Tim Conte

The Day’s Changing Light – A Landscape Intensive

August 5th – 19th, 2013

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Painting is a rich and complex endeavor, which can reveal meaning at many different levels.  Landscape as a motif is certainly no different.  The Italian landscape in particular offers spectacular complexities, at once elegant yet rugged; it is timeless yet very rooted in the present. We will focus on the light and atmosphere of Civita Castellana and the surrounding areas as a means to explore the many variations and similarities of tone, color, temperature, texture, and edges.

As a painter, I feel that specificity of light can transform the prosaic into poetry.  An often overlooked element of landscape painting is the time during which it was painted.  Dawn, morning, noon, afternoon, dusk, evening, night.  Paying attention to the psychological aspects of the various times of day can greatly increase the compelling mood of good painting.  We will discuss the necessities of planning in advance, as we try to stay one step ahead of the day’s changing light.  All the while being sensitive to serendipity, or knowing when to abandon the plan and let the mood or feeling take charge.  Painting directly from the landscape is a meaningful way of connecting with nature and observing all the activities and nuance of the visible world.

I will ask that students work primarily in oil paint, although drawing is also encouraged.  Our class will meet in the mornings on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30-12:00.  This is when we will have discussions, presentations, demonstrations, critiques as well as time to work together as a group.  The afternoons, evenings and nights will be open for students to examine other incidents of light.  I expect students to individually, or in groups, sketch and work towards the final project during these times.  The final project is a multi-session painting to be conceived and executed during our class. We will discuss it in progress, as well as at our final group meeting.

Recommended Supply List:

  • Large tube of white, Flake or Cremnitz preferred.
  • Ivory Black, optional
  • Prismatic colors:
    • Cobalt Blue
    • Ultramarine Blue
    • Cerulean Blue
    • Cadmium Yellow
    • Cadmium Red light
    • Alizarin Crimson
    • Chromium Oxide Green
    • Manganese Violet
  • Earth Colors:
    • Yellow Ochre
    • Naples Yellow
    • Raw Umber
    • Burt Sienna
  • French Easel
  • Several Bristle brushes, various sizes Flat, Filbert & Round
  • A few small to medium kolinsky sable brushes
  • Palette knife, metal blade
  • Rags
  • Supports for painting. You may use pre-primed linen, heavy prepared paper, Canvas panels, or boards ranging from  8” – 20” in size, to fit in suitcase or tube.
  • Drawing supplies, optional
  • Old backpack for painting on location