In the Footsteps of Corot

Painting in a Land of Origins

July 9th – July 23rd, 2018

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-10-16-38-pmBruce Lieberman, Rosemary and View Toward Siena


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An intoxicating ancient hill top town, Civita Castellana is rich in history and so visually compelling that painters such as Turner, Ingres and Corot came to capture its beauty. Have a life altering experience painting in this magnificent and historic slice of Italy.

You will also have the unique and wonderful opportunity to benefit from, not only being in Italy, but being part of the JSS community. On Thursdays, open to all JSS participants, is a special group excursion (see the “Excursions” link for more info).  Free time will exist for additional trips to nearby towns, or hop the train to Rome!  An experience of a lifetime.

This is a hands-on landscape painting workshop- basic through advanced painting. It is meant to be fun, relaxing and at the same time an intensive learning experience. After coffee and breakfast will paint each day wandering through the town and the landscape guided by the Muse and our whim.

It is a thrilling experience to feel this connection to nature. Letting yourself get lost in the process, taking in and interpreting all you can perceive. You will be working outdoors from strict observation, developing your ability to interpret based on perceptual decision-making and a deeper understanding of process. You will be involved in a direct visual encounter, emphasizing composition, color theory and basic technical/procedural aspects. Building an aware of compositional relationships of forms and colors that might otherwise elude you, you will learn to see the similarities and differences within each composition. These relationships and subtle harmonies reveal themselves to you as you progress. Exploiting sensations and opportunities, you will develop the skills and tools necessary to make paintings.

Painting outdoors, you will learn basic, and not so basic, techniques as you translate the dramatic local landscape into your own personal vision. We will explore an eclectic and gestalt way of working, seeing and composing. This is an opportunity to learn, experiment and explore whether building or reinforcing skills or trying new things.  I’m there to guide you, give ideas, technical advice, moral support, and demonstrations – offer to you, whatever insight I’ve accrued from more than 40 years of painting and more then 30 years of teaching.  My background, coming from Paul Georges and Lennart Anderson brings Hoffmann/Leger Modernist ideas married to the observed measurable relationships and poetic tonal harmonies.

My teaching style is rather informal and open to improvisational. Besides working with the whole group, I will work with each participant individually, doing plenty of off-the-cuff individual demos, as well as, regular and friendly critiques. I constantly offer advice and guidance as needed.


While painting outdoors you will learn basic techniques as you translate the dramatic Italian landscape into your own personal vision. This is an intensive painting experience. Previous drawing and painting experience is helpful, but not at all necessary. This course is designed for both basic and advanced painters.

Although I recommend oil, you can use acrylic or gouache.

  • Set up a palette
  • Mix color and establish tonal relationships
  • Employ color theory
  • Properly utilize your tools and materials
  • Develop a preliminary drawing or sketch for paintings
  • Think about composition abstractly and in more interesting ways.
  • Exploit accidents and relationships of color and shape
  • Measure and find proportions

* Teachers – In service credit might be possible (in the works)

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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