In Response to Place: An Individual Approach to Landscape Painting

June 25 – July 9, 2018

Vogel,Christina_Renfer,Rock_Formation_III,2017,oil_on_paper.jpgChristina Renfer Vogel, Rock Formation III, 2017, oil on paper

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From the formidable Monte Sorrate to the colorful cobblestone streets and gathering places of the humble town, Civita Castellana offers source material at every turn. This session will center on supporting the development of your individual approach to painting the landscape in response to the experience of living and working in this extraordinary place, long renowned as a site for open-air painting.

The class has been designed for students at all levels, and it will benefit anyone serious about further developing their artistic practice, from beginners to seasoned painters. Working primarily from direct observation of the landscape, with opportunities to work from interiors, exterior spaces, or portraiture as desired, we will focus on slowing down and looking closely. We will consider our work as part of a continuum, informed by historical and contemporary painters, and enriched by a diversity of voices. The workshop will center on best supporting your unique sensibility, and our conversations will emphasize an attention to close and careful looking in order to:

  • Build dynamic compositions through accurate drawing
  • Simplify boldly to arrive at the essentials
  • Achieve sensitive color relationships in response to the specific qualities of Italian light
  • Develop an individual approach to touch, edge, surface, and mark

Week one will be dedicated to alla prima, one-session paintings that will encourage experimentation, energy, and openness. We will work at a small scale in order to move through numerous substrates, to allow for flexibility to try multiple approaches, and to engender liveliness and fluidity in response to long days of shifting light. Week two will be geared towards the development of paintings over multiple sessions without sacrificing liveliness.

Rather than working with step-by-step instructions, painters will be encouraged to learn by doing, and there will be plenty of time dedicated to independent work. One-on-one instruction will take place in response to each artist to support individual painting priorities. Morning meetings on Monday and Wednesday will provide opportunities for group instruction, with individual instruction on Tuesday and Friday. Thursday will be dedicated to excursions for all JSS participants (see the excursions schedule). Group critique on Friday afternoon will provide a critical framework, anopportunity for our group to gather together and share work in the spirit of learning from one another. Weekends will be open for independent work and exploration, and you will be welcomed to join me on an optional day trip to Rome, easily accessible by train.

My JSS in Civita artist residency in summer 2017 greatly impacted my artistic practice, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to return to teach an affiliate session. This immersive experience, and the opportunity to work amongst the JSS in Civita community of dedicated painters, will surely challenge and inform your paintings for years to come.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me

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