Measurement and Color Language

June 15-29, 2015 (2 week workshop)

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This two-week course will help painters identify gaps in their ability to understand and apply color theory. Open to all levels of experience, it will prepare students for advanced level painting courses.

Nailing broad and essential relationships early in a painting will be emphasized. Demonstrations of drawing and color exercises will develop ways to apply perceptual drawing and painting on location.  Color exercises are designed to help painters distinguish efficient ways to mix paint and gain greater understanding of the interaction of hue, value and intensity.

Mornings are devoted to painting or drawing on location, afternoons provide critiques and demonstrations. Thursdays are school-wide field trips. Saturday is an independent painting day and Sunday is free. Demonstrations are to show the principles and possibilities for the following day’s exercises.

The exercises are intended to broaden vocabulary in the visual language of drawing and painting.  Paint and drawing materials answer questions such as: How much? What kind? And where? The answers to these questions made with paint or drawing materials are on a two-dimensional surface. Relationships of painted or drawn marks, based on perception, develop illusions of three-dimensional spaces and forms. Critiques offer both observations of strengths in the work and suggestions to improve painting and drawing skills and results.

There will be demonstrations on:

Organizing value and pattern

Selection of views

Finding angles and lengths

Intensity and muds

Simultaneous contrasts

Hue and its value

The no-white painting

Breaking the 50%/50% habit

A detailed syllabus will be sent to those who register.

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