Borrowed Views

July 13 -August 3rd, 2015. (This is a 3 week course)

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An intense course (more than a workshop) for those who have tried painting on location and want to seriously commit to improving their process, skill, and results. The sustained focus of three weeks is designed to develop new ways of seeing to get beyond “good enough” and to reach for astonishing.

Infinite possibility among spectacular views requires consistent application of editorial skill, from conception through execution.  Painters will train to set priorities, focus and maintain critical attention. Asking questions with an understanding of paint’s language emphasizes sensations. Paint can be made to answer the questions of “How much?”  “What kind?”  “Where?”  Work will focus on encouraging trial and error to generate success from accidents and unknowns; encountering problems constructively; transforming unfamiliarity into opportunity for invention. This course combines structured time, independent time, demonstrations, seminars and critiques.

Demonstrations will include:

Drawing With Paint

Using a Color Premise

Systematic Mixing

Limited Palettes


Lost and Found Edges

Transcriptions of Master Paintings

Manipulating Percentages of Hue, Value and Intensity

Mornings are for painting on location, afternoons will include critique/seminars (4:00-5:00) and demonstrations (5:00-6:00). Thursdays offer school-wide field trips. Saturdays provide independent painting and Sundays are free. Demonstrations are to focus the next morning’s painting and show exercises to broaden your visual vocabulary. The seminars explore voice, patience, passion, astonishment, sensation, mastery, memory, delight, discovery, accident and ambition. Critiques will be held as a group and in individual conferences. A detailed syllabus will be sent to those who register.

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