On the Trail of Piero and Corot: Fresco Workshop

June 30 to July 14, 2014

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Course Overview:

This is a “hands-on” two-week basic introduction to Fresco painting. We will use the buon fresco technique: working on wet lime fresco plaster. We will discuss the general history of fresco, preparation of the materials, application of the fresco plaster, pouncing the cartoon drawing, and execution of the fresco painting.

Our focus will be on the landscape augmented with in-classroom studies of reproductions of master fresco works.

Civita Castellana offers a beautiful, untamed and diverse landscape where students can interact with the ever-changing light of the region. The unique quality of the landscape around Civita is the focus of this two-week program, which provides the students the opportunity to concentrate exclusively on the unique and expressive quality of fresco painting.

The Course:

Learning to make a fresco in Italy, the epicenter of fresco painting.

Students will receive basic introduction to fresco painting where we will discuss the requirements for preparing the wall and other support surfaces for fresco painting. We will be working on small portable panels. We will prepare the pigments, mix a batch of practice fresco plaster, produce a cartoon drawing, learn how to pounce a transfer drawing, prepare the surface to receive the plaster, apply the fresco plaster and execute the fresco painting(s).


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 4 hour morning sessions

Lunch Break

Afternoons are free to work outside making oil sketches or frescos of the landscape.

Thursdays are free for bus excursions that will include Firenze and the Piero Trail – Arezzo, San Seplochro and Urbino. Please check the Excursions link on the lower left hand side of the “JSS in Civita” home page for excursion dates that line up with our session dates.

You are welcome to email me with any questions at: bonhamd2@miamioh.edu

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