Didier Ben Loulou

The Sense of Place – Building a Singular Vision

August 8th – 22nd, 2016


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Photography allows us to enter a space where reality and history intertwine. How do we capture places haunted all at once by the living, the present and the urban, and by a heritage, myths, religions and a landscape? How can we break away for a moment from literary, pictorial, architectural, cinematographic and historical sources, to seek out what is within ourselves and allow our personal views to be seen? How can we link our own history to the history of the cities and places where the spirit still seems to blow?

What needs to be revealed is the combination of the profound symbolism of historical sites, imbued with their past,  and our viewpoint as “flâneur” (Walter Benjamin), as we start to notice the physical attributes of our surrounding through our own life-history.  The question we need to ask ourselves is: What can I show that is  “me” and differs from what has been shown previously?

The objective will be to build a singular vision by moving away from the expected image and déjà vue. How to enhance the day-to-day and one’s discoveries in the preserved lands of Lazio (Latium) with what Georges Bataille calls an “inner experience”? The question is not what to look for, but how and who am I, faced with what I see? Perception and deep meditation, face to face with reality.

During the two-week seminar, we will attempt, through the apparent “simplicity” of the camera, to measure ourselves against what we see and gain an in-depth experience: intellectual, sensitive, physical and visual. This program is open to anyone who is not necessarily concerned with the technical aspect, but who is willing to stroll through the streets, to meet people, faces, to wander in the Roman countryside and to work on self-portraits, with the aim to build, image after image, an homogeneous corpus that includes one’s own experience and sensitive vision.

The Course:

We will work on the composition of an image and the relevance of images within a set. One of the objectives of this intensive course is to sharpen one’s eyes in order to develop a coherent photographic subject. Individual achievements will be reviewed every day in constructive discussions, during “editing” sessions. Interviews and meetings will enable each participant to move ahead with his/her project.

The “author-photographer” will be able to develop a photographic language and build a first-hand poetic vision, based on the human dimension or on the surroundings. Depending on the project, the work of other author-photographers will also be discussed, inspiring current approaches or opening up new avenues.

Content of the three-week course:

Review of participants earlier works

Development of a personal photographic project

Analysis of the images produced, editing and creation of a coherent series. Production of a set of images suitable for publication or a future exhibition

The only requirement is  a camera – For a digital camera, allow at least three memory cards and a laptop for long-term storage.

The class will meet mornings just after breakfast Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Thursdays are excursion days: please check excursions dates here. Weekends and afternoons are free for independent work, added trips to nearby towns or take the train to Rome.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions

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