Landscape and Interior with Dylan Critchfield-Sales

July 17th – 31st, 2017

n80900059_30323751_4765.jpgDylan Critchfield-Sales, 2007, Umbrian Countryside, Oil on linen

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Course Overview:

Light informs how we experience the world. This is fundamental to the work of perceptual painting. This course will focus on light as a means of expression, while using it as a tool to truly learn the craft of painting.

We will focus on the notion that certain types of light have a very particular color to them; and where better to study this than the rich environs of Civita Castellana? Where painters such as Corot, Turner and Ingres made pilgrimage to honor the natural beauty of the landscape and their Italian forebears. Working with landscape and interior we will practice perceiving the entirety of a space and develop a holistic approach to painting.

This course is designed for painters of all levels of experience. It is based on a progression from tonal drawing to full palette painting. We will begin by doing an intensive series of wash drawings in ink or watercolor. This will introduce you to the practice of breaking down visual information to its most basic form: shapes of value.

We will use what we gained from the wash drawing in purely tonal oil paintings. From there we will transition into limited color and then to a full range of color. The final works for this course will integrate the idea of value structure without a drawn underpinning. We will discuss key of color and color spot notation then put this into practice in the final days of class.


July 17th – July 31st

We will meet every morning on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am – 12pm and we will meet for critique from 12 – 1pm. Afternoons will be free for independent work.

Every other day we will plan to switch from Landscape to Interior, but this is flexible and likely will be specific to individual students.

Monday – Landscape

Tuesday – Interior

Wednesday – Landscape

Friday – Interior

Saturdays, we will meet for a critique of the previous week’s work from 9am – 12pm. You will have the option to work independently or with instruction on Saturday afternoons.

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