E. M. Saniga & Lisa Bartolozzi

Capturing Light:  Inside and Out

 July 17th – July 31st 2017

LAB_Moving.jpgLisa Bartolozzi, Moving in the Landscape, oil on panel. 4.5 x 7 in.

the-artists-hand-witha-young-crow.jpgE. M. Saniga, The Artist’s Hand with a Young Crow, 2008. oil on panel, 9.5″ x 11″

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Course Description

Capturing the illumination of light on objects in space can be a challenge for the painter.  By studying the ever-changing light quality of the landscape, interior spaces, and the objects and figures that occupy them, the artist can distill this knowledge to create paintings that appear to have their own light/life source.

In this two-week course we will cover the principles of design, value, hue, and color intensity relationships as they apply to capturing light indoors and out, and thus modeling  form and space. Students will paint from the landscape and the surrounding architecture, and still life in an interior.  The figure placed outdoors and in  interior settings will also explored.

Discussions or  one on one instruction will be given in the morning sessions, and afternoon group critiques will be held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday of each week.  Thursday is reserved for special JSS excursions.

Topics will include the use of artists’ materials, historical and contemporary techniques, and direct and indirect painting methods for enriching the surface quality of a painting; a historical overview and formal analysis of approaches to capturing color and light relationships in the landscape and interiors; the selection of formal pictorial themes and the organizational process for the execution of a painted sketch up to a finished studio work.

Beginning painters to experienced painters are welcome, and students will work at their own pace. Leonardo da Vinci noted that one learns drawing by drawing in the company of those who are both better and not as good as one; painting is much the same, and the student will learn from observation of others work as much as from observations of nature.

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