Emil Joseph Robinson

Taking Temperature

July 28th – August 11th, 2014

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Course Overview:

This course is appropriate for anyone looking for a rigorous painting experience in the landscape. Beginners as well as experienced painters are welcome. Although some drawing/painting experience is preferred, it is not required.

We will immerse ourselves in the landscape of Italy and find ways to communicate how we see it through drawing and painting. The first week will be spent working carefully with basic drawing techniques, value studies, and simplified color relationships. These exercises will tune your eye and hand to the specificity of our location. We will discuss how to prioritize when viewing something that overwhelms and surrounds you with beauty. The second week will be spent with more realized studies in color.


We will paint Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Friday each week. On Thursdays we will travel to important sites/cities around Italy. The weekends are available for independent travel or relaxation. Each workday will be broken into two long working periods with a lunch/siesta/group critique time in the middle. The First working period will start around 9 am and last until roughly 12:30. The second work period will begin around 2:30 and last until 5-7 depending on the day/evening activities. We will have bi-weekly group critiques and Emil will work with the students for one of the work periods each day. The other work period will be for independent work with assigned goals.

Course Goals:

  • View the landscape as a painter
  • Organize/draw the shapes of the landscape
  • Find the largest most impactful value relationships in the chosen scene
  • Identify the relative temperature and saturation in the color of the landscape

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