Drawing into Landscape
June 29-July 13, 2015

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Open to all levels of experience, the focus of this two- week workshop is to combine the expressive (internally driven) with descriptive (externally driven) content in drawing. The studio practices reveal the enormous range of push-pull interactions the visual elements of line, value, form, and proportion can make across media and space. Seeing and working at deeper levels of these very real fundamental relationships allows students to discover continuously unfolding dynamics and personal directions which can lead to visual voice. The emphasis in Drawing into Landscape will not be on what you draw, but how you draw it. Source material will include art historical drawing, observed objects from nature, reinvention and interpretation of landscape, to name a few. We will attempt a “100 drawings project” (a complete syllabus will be sent upon registration). Visual presentations linking concepts will be given.

We will begin with several “tabula rasa” (clean slate) exercises in which the emphasis will be physical instinctive, spontaneous. Specific attention will be given to a wide variety of drawing materials. There will be extensive exploration in mixed media on paper. Students are encouraged to share experience and research into the use of new and unfamiliar combinations of media. Our goal is to actualize the recognition of ones own idiosyncratic process as well as taking risks beyond customary boundaries. It is my hope that students will gain direction and vision that will be enhanced in more advanced classes. The activity of drawing is a relationship between you, your “objective” and your materials. When this relationship is generous and extended, the visible result conveys a quality of attention that goes beyond the ordinary, and expands ones’ vocabulary in the visual language of drawing and painting.
We will experience how a drawing can “draw itself,” how to let an action ‘happen,” by simply watching and observing, without needing to exercise complete control.

Weekday mornings will be devoted to studio practice and demonstration. The daily demonstrations of drawing processes will develop ways to apply perceptual drawing on location. Afternoon activity will include working on location and classroom critique. Thursdays are school-wide field trips. Saturdays are independent drawing/ painting days and Sundays are free and optional.

Students will attempt to strengthen their ability to communicate their pictorial ideas effectively, intensely and vividly, creating perceptual drawings that enhance a stronger visual than we would experience in every day life.
Students will need to shift thinking modes simultaneously with the drawing strategy in order to stay within and resolve a specific categorical problem description.
Students will learn strategies of the experiential/experimental, expressionistic, and abstract, and are encouraged to engage these skills within the surroundings of Civita Castellana.
Students will have the opportunity to explore drawing methods and materials in new and innovative combinations.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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