Hollis Dunlap

Hollis Dunlap Open-Air Workshop

Dates: TBA

Hollis Dunlap, Blue Sky, Blue Van, oil on panel, 12×16

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Join Hollis Dunlap for this 10 day/2 week landscape painting workshop in the beautiful Civita countryside. Through a series of small paintings, we will focus on creating a sense of how light defines and organizes space through various methods of paint application, using master artists and the local landscape as inspiration.

Several techniques will be demonstrated, from naturalistic color effects in the style of impressionists, to the strong color and geometry of painters like Edward Hopper. Painters will be encouraged to build the sense of form from the largest masses first, to create a sense of finish before small details are added. This is especially practical when working in the landscape from life, when shifting light and weather requires a versatile and fluid technique.

By creating a sense of finish without detail, the process is sped up and the student becomes more confident in changing light conditions. Developing this sensibility and fluidity is especially valuable since it eliminates the need for exacting conditions in order to produce effective work. By utilizing dynamic lighting and paint application, we will try to capture a visual record of the particular weather of the days that we are outside, adding authenticity to the work.

Over the course of the class the instructor will paint several paintings along with the group to demonstrate color mixing, accurate drawing, creating and revising the composition, and application of paint. Each student will end up with about 10 paintings and new ideas for effectively painting on site.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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