Jeff Tolbert

Exploring the Terrain of Civita: An Outdoor Oil Painting Class Devoted to the Beautiful and the Sublime

June 29th to July 13th, 2015

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Join me on a painting adventure of a lifetime! I will help guide you to the same visual questions that artists have encountered for centuries as they start to make paintings in this most fantastic part of the world. What makes the mountains, forests, vineyards, rivers, hills of this region so special and such incredible subject matter for paintings? How can I choose from all this sumptuous beauty a vignette that will serve as structure for a painting? Once the general composition is set, how will I use color relationships, tone, scale and nuance to build a visual fiction that goes beyond fact into a presence that the land evokes? How will the fragrance of the vegetation, soil and the balminess of the wind effect my state of mind while painting in nature? Will these caresses to my senses take me to a special place in painting that could not be achieve in an enclosed space? What will it be like to paint while standing in a river?

Allow me to help you find a way to explore painting and to create your own private visual fiction using the landscape of Civita as a beginning! Students with all ranges of experience are welcome to join! Emphasis on composition, spatial dynamics, mixing color, how to set guidelines for any particular painting, how to draw from the factual information of this magnificent landscape and then transfigure it into the fictive space that has a strong presence, finding solutions to working in an outdoor environment, and generally having one of the best times painting ever!

We will begin our days after breakfast to explore the countryside in order to find a place where we can paint. After three hours or so, we can go back to lunch or carry lunch with us and then have a critique (group and individual) over the day’s offerings! Afternoons can be spent exploring the region, going to Rome or other cities to see museums or more painting with me or by yourself! Also, on Thursday the summer program has planned excursions that we can take part of as well. Sundays will be free to do whatever you wish!!!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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