Jesse Lindenberger-Schutz

Constructing Light and Space in Civita Castellana

June 1st – 15th, 2015

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A two-week course open to intermediate students, we will be painting outside in the incomparable locale of Civita Castellana, a setting that inspired Corot, Turner and many others.  This course will focus on distilling and organizing observations of the landscape in order to find compelling and personal painted equivalents of light and space.  Among the topics to be covered are-

Simplifying the motif

Finding the essential color relationships

Sensing movement within the composition

Pictorial vs. painterly conceptions of space

Sight-sizing and drawing techniques to find correct proportions

Understanding color schema for light and shadow and moving past them to a felt experience

Students will be expected to discuss and critique their own work and others in friendly, supportive group discussions.  Their challenge will be to sustain an engagement with the subject and work beyond familiar solutions to develop their own painterly language.

We will be painting outdoors in the landscape in the mornings and returning to the studio in the afternoon for group critiques and demonstrations as well as figure and still-life painting.  We will also be painting in the landscape on a few evenings.  On Thursdays we will go on special group excursions.  Saturday will be for independent painting and Sunday is a free day.  Individual critiques will be arranged daily on an informal basis.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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