Martin Yeoman

Painting the Roman Countryside

August 7th – August 21st, 2017

screen-shot-2016-12-29-at-7-33-26-pm-copy-copyMartin Yeoman, Saltfleet Haven, After a Storm, oil on board

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I first became aware of this beautiful area of Italy through some of Corot’s paintings and much later by Peter Galassi’s book entitled ‘Corot in Italy’ which is a must buy for anyone visiting this part of Italy.

The two week course will be held at Civita Castellana, where there is an abundance of visual material and art history for the painter and draughtsman and is the very heart and beginings of open air painting. We will start each morning after breakfast at 8am and work through to midday and resume again at 4pm – 7.30 pm or when the light fades. On Thursdays there is the opportunity for you to visit nearby Rome, and other excursions.

Saturday is a free day.

The course will have a fairly open structure to it, allowing students to follow their own approach in drawing and in painting. Practical guidance will be on hand from the start to the more advanced stage of each work.

Drawing will play a huge part of the two weeks there. Starting with sketching either whole or parts of the scene in front of you and also in the planning of your composition. Sketching as an activity will be practiced over the whole of the two weeks. As the week progresses the broader part of each day will be spent painting. Whether painting something over a two hour period or catching something fleeting about the light in a far shorter time. You will also be encouraged to find a composition, found through your sketches, and to work on it in oils in front of nature and returned to again and again, at the same time of day.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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