It is a pleasure to announce Kurt Knobelsdorf
JSS in Civita Master Mentor in Residence 2018

Kurt was for some time a traveling man and lived in numerous places throughout the United States. He presently resides in Philadelphia, PA and is represented by Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects.

If there were a Blues variant in painting, Kurt Knobelsdorf would be its B.B. King.- Israel Hershberg

Kurt will be in residence June 18th to July 9th.

Kurt Knobelsdorf, Artist’s Mother as a Young Lady, 2011, Oil on paper, 8″x10″

Kurt Knobelsdorf, Boot Ranch, 2014, Oil on panel, 12″x12″

Kurt Knobelsdorf, Women at Night, 2010, Oil on panel, 8″x10″

KNOB_001_zoom.jpgKurt Knobelsdorf, Cockfighter, 2007, Oil on panel, 8″x10″

Kurt Knobelsdorf, Where the Buffalo Roamed, 2014, Oil on panel, 12″×12″

Kurt Knobelsdorf, Dot, 2007, Oil on panel , 12″x12″

Kurt Knobelsdorf, Cass with a Rat, 2014, Oil on panel, 16″×16″

Kurt Knobelsdorf, Dead Tree and a Woman, 2010, Oil on panel, 8″×10″

Kurt Knobelsdorf, Shirley Ann Hotel, 2012, Oil  on cardboard

Kurt Knobelsdorf, Chrysler Building, 2005, Oil on paper, 11″ x 8 3/4″

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