Corot, Tonalism and the Roman Campagna

July 23 – August 6

IMG_6240.JPGMichael Lane, Portrait of Mia Vo, 2016, Oil on Paper, 9×12 in


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This course will focus on learning pictorial language through “premier coup” oil painting exercises and will emphasize perception and analysis of light, finding a motif, designing an image and mixing colors on the palette as a scale of relationships and values.

This course, which is suitable for all levels, will focus on:

  • How to recognize the most important visual elements of your subject and define it’s basic visual impact as you build a composition.
  • How to quickly establish the drawing in your work and find correct proportions.
  • How to make a tonal and color analysis of your subject as a scale of relationships.
  • How to stick to your decisions, be bold and avoid familiar formulas and tightness.
  • How to get at your subjects variety without falling into chaos and how to get at its unity and simplicity without it becoming boring.
  • How to achieve finish without sacrificing simplicity and how to paint more simply to achieve an impact with less obvious work.
  • How to see every painting as a fresh experiment which demands a new formula.
  • How to get out of “trouble”, should a painting get out of our control, by returning our work to an earlier state when we were in control.
  • How, as Corot put it, “to follow what we understand and unite it with feeling” because “Reality is one part of art, feeling completes it”.

Class will meet every morning (except Thursdays which are excursion days) after breakfast, for a demonstration/lesson and informal, friendly, group critique. Paintings from art history will be analyzed as part of our discussion in order to enrich the dialogue we are having with art history before we set out to paint.

Afternoons and weekends are free for independent work and exploring. (We are an hour’s train journey from Rome).

There will also be a final group critique when we will look at all the works done by everyone and share our experiences and growth together.

Please feel free to email me with any questions or you call me anytime at +1(206) 420-7287

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