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0001Oleg Lyssin – Master Class

0002Oleg Lyssin – Master Class

0003Oleg Lyssin – Master Class

0004Nicole Ardiles – Master Class

0005Nicole Ardiles – Master Class

0006Nicole Ardiles – Master Class

0007 b bReflection, CivitaAlex Fowler – Resident

0007the Buildings in Civita CastellanaAlex Fowler – Resident

0008 the cliff, civita castellanaAlex Fowler – Resident

From Sant'Agata, 2013Yedidya Hershberg – Visiting Artist

Civita Castellana, 2013Yedidya Hershberg – Visiting Artist

Civita Castellana ll, 2013Yedidya Hershberg – Visiting Artist

0011 Cath r pc7Catherine Richards – Visiting Artist

0013cath r pc12Catherine Richards – Visiting Artist

0014Cath r pc26Catherine Richards – Visiting Artist

Via X12 SeptempbreNeil Riley – Visiting Artist

0017Emil Joseph Robinson – Affiliate Faculty

0018Emil Joseph Robinson – Affiliate Faculty

0019Emil Joseph Robinson – Affiliate Faculty

0023Benjamin Lowery – Master Class

0024Benjamin Lowery – Master Class

Images From CivitaFergus Ryan – Master Class

Images From Civita-2Fergus Ryan – Master Class

Images From Civita-3Fergus Ryan – Master Class

0025 aJesse Molmen – Master Class

0025 bJesse Molmen – Master Class

P1070195Kathleen Speranza – Resident

P1070194Kathleen Speranza – Resident

underpainting civita landscape #1Kathleen Speranza – Resident

0027Yoel Meshi – Master Class

0028Yoel Meshi – Master Class

0029Yoel Meshi – Master Class

0030David Stanger – Resident

0031 MonteSoratte.midDavid Stanger – Resident

0032 View from VillaRossa, oil on linen, 17x13.5Beth Bernhardt – Resident

0034 View from Olive Farm II, oil on linen, 13.5x16.5Beth Bernhardt – Resident

0035 View of Cliffs II, oil on linen, 12x16.5%22Beth Bernhardt – Resident

0036 Kurt Moyer2013 Civita Castellana 15x22.25 oil on paper mounted on woodKurt Moyer – Resident

0037 Kurt Moyer2013 View of Mt. Soratte 15x22.25 oil on paper mounted to woodKurt Moyer – Resident

0037Marla Zweitzer – Master Class

0038Marla Zweitzer – Master Class

0040Marla Zweitzer – Master Class (transcription after Corot)

1-The Drapery Falls, 2013Deborah Sebaoun – Guest Artist

2-Sant'Agata, 2013Deborah Sebaoun – Guest Artist

0041Yehonatan Becker – Master Class

0042Larry Groff – Master Class

0043Larry Groff – Master Class

0044Larry Groff – Master Class

0045Dorothy Mitchard – Master Class

image1Ruby Schelling – Master Class

image2Ruby Schelling – Master Class

IMG 4Ruby Schelling – Master Class

IMG_5557Tal Porat – Master Class

IMG_5558Tal Porat – Master Class

IMG_5563Tal Porat – Master Class

IMG_5564Liza Zautner – Master Class

IMG_5570Rotem Amitzur – Master Class

img_5571Rotem Amitzur – Master Class

Clare2 - after CorotClare Haward – Master Class

IMG_5598Clare Haward – Master Class (transciption after Corot)

Sagi 2Sagi Zuker – Master Class

sagi 3Sagi Zuker – Master Class

sagi 4Sagi Zuker – Master Class

xyzSilvia Bar-am – Master Class and Resident

Yehuda_12Yehuda Armoni – Master Class

civitaponteIlaria Rosselli del Turco – Resident

civitasoratteIlaria Rosselli del Turco – Resident

NarniTina Engels – Master Class

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