Rafael Schneier

Abstract Concepts of Painting Through Observation 

July 13th to July 27th, 2015

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“Remember that all painting is seeing, not doing!” – Charles Webster Hawthorne

The art of painting through observation enables the painter to reach a new stage, a state where the painter will see what truly is, will grasp reality in its true, naked condition.

This new state has the power to piercingly penetrate reality, casting out preconceptions, alleged knowledge and visual memory which, like a shroud, veils our senses and prevent us from seeing and understanding in simple terms the visual components of what lies before us.  It involves freeing oneself of old habits and patterns, in order to arrive at a new level of observation of what really is: a paradise of  discoveries and endless wonder.

The teaching process will address each of the issues arising from works themselves, with due regard to the level and experience of every student. The program will serve as a springboard to better understand the act of seeing, and will refine students’ artistic skills and possibilities of  expression.


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 4 hour morning sessions

Sunday afternoon sessions 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Morning sessions, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, will open with instructions and quick demonstrations, after which the group will set out towards the outdoor landscapes of Civita, to work in oil and in quick watercolor studies. To close the morning session, the last half hour will be devoted to group critic on the work done.

After lunch, students will be free to do individual work on their own, either indoors in the studio, or outdoors. One-to-one analysis and overview of students’ work will be available afternoons, upon request.

Thursdays will be devoted to outings to the following places: Firenze on July 16 and the Piero Trail – Arezzo, San Seplochro and Urbino on July 23rd.

The program has been designed particularly for new students engaging in their first attempt at oil and outdoor painting. It also contemplates challenging activities for experienced students and artists wishing to improve their painting skills and to really enhance their performance.

Above all,  the whole experience is about the unforgettable adventure of highly challenging and most enjoyable learning.

For further information, you are most welcome to contact me by email at rafi_s82@hotmail.com.

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