Roni Taharlev

Penetrating the Fog

July 14th – 28th, 2014

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“The only way to get hold of the invisible is to dive as deep as possible into the visible”. Max Beckmann

What is observation and how do we approach it, while remaining attuned to beauty and artistic conversation? Our tendency is to straighten things so that they conform to our preconceptions, pushing aside (ignoring, repressing, under-representing) whatever it is that our minds cannot push into pre-packaged boxes. In this course we will strive to do the opposite: to penetrate the obscure – which is often the ordinary reality – and try to translate it into pictorial values without straightening it, fixing it up, or simply not seeing it as it is.

We will begin every day by making a quick copy, with charcoal pencil or oils, of master landscape painters (such as Corot, Turner, Courbet, Roman paintings, etc.) in order to expand our perception and enrich our pictorial language. Equipped with the lessons we draw from them, and inspired by the arcadian landscape of Civita, we will approach the landscape, exploring qualities such as light, space, air and temperature. Thing we would pay attention to include: choosing a motif, basic drawing techniques, basic composition. In particular we wish to learn about color: how to build color relationships; how to observe, mix and manipulate color; the power of various limited palettes; low and high key palettes.

Students at all levels of achievement are welcome.

Schedule :

We will  meet Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 9 to 1pm, with a daily critique in the last half-hour, and leaving the afternoons free for independent work. Thursdays is excursion day set aside to explore Italy’s vast art treasuries.

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