Life in a Historic Habitat and Slow Food

Master Class and Guided Residency students can be accommodated in comfortable private apartments or single rooms in a shared apartments located in and around the historic center of Civita Castellana. Those wishing a boutique residence or full service hotel for their accommodation can  book at the elegant Palazzo Fortuna in Civita’s historic center.  Those with a car or rental car can also opt for the exquisite Residenza Antica Flaminia from where Corot painted in 1826 – the very room in which he stayed and from which he painted can be had if available. Other wonderful options just outside of town and if you have a car are Agriturismo Fattoria Lucciano and Agriturismo Rio Coverino. For the sake of ease and special pricing, let Rosy do the booking. We recommend making these reservations early due to the limited number of suites available at these intimate and beautiful facilities.

Every Monday evening all JSS in Civita participants gather for a communal meal at one of Civita’s marvelous and authentic restaurants. All other meals are available at your choice of Civita Castellana’s many and varied  slow-food bars, restaurants, rosticcerias, wine bars, bakeries, health food stores, pizzerias, and supermarkets. (All restaurants  have vegetarian options). Participants often form groups to dine together. Those who choose apartment living have the option of cooking for themselves using the town’s convenient array of supermarkets, minimarkets, delis, bakeries, cheesemakers and farmers’ market. A map of these establishments will be supplied to all participants.

p1070690.jpgJSS in Civita’s lively Monday Night Communal Dinner


Gastronomic Delights in Civita

Civita Castellana boasts a seductive and charming array of dining out options, or for the do-it-yourself foodies; out-of-this-world local bakeries, cafes, grocery shops, fruit & vegetable vendors, farmers markets (both in  and around the town) and an outrageously good fresh pasta (pasta fresca) shop – you can’t eat bad if you tried! Civita is not a tourist trap and all this fare is very reasonably priced whether dining out or cooking it yourself – just really fine regional slow food that would suit the most discriminating of palates!

Cheesemakers, Pasta & Truffles – All You’ll Ever Need to Know in Civita

Civita Castellana boasts some out-of-this-world artisanal local cheeses (formaggi), and other local gastronomic specialties. Here is a short list to get you to heaven:

La Fattoria Lucciano: Absolutely the best mozzarella we have ever eaten anywhere – easily categorizable as hard-to-believe-anything-could-be-this-good! Situated near the old Borghetto tower, the Fattoria Lucciano is a gorgeous farm, organic since the 1970s that produces cheeses, yogurt, grass-fed meats, olive oil and wines. The Mozzarella is made fresh daily. The yogurt too is divine!

Fattoria Cavalieri: The best fresh ricotta we have ever tasted, hands down! Here too, all their products are of exceptional quality, whether it’s the fresh raw milk (latte fresco appena munto), the ricotta, mozzarella or provolone, this is the real deal! Fattoria Cavalieri’s sales-point outlet is conveniently located in the new part of Civita, on Via Giornate di Napoli 4.

Formaggi Chiodetti: Exquisite pecorino cheeses, both aged and young. The aged pecorino Falisco is transcendent. Make sure you try their: Fiocco della Tuscia, Buono della Tuscia, and smoked mozzarella. Exceptional cheesemaking artisans. Chiodetti is located on the Via Flaminia 79, Civita Castellana.

Pasta All’uovo: Fresh made pastas right in the historic heart of Civita Castellana on Via San Gregorio across from the ancient Romanesque church of San Gregorio. Luca the proprietor will tell you exactly how many minutes and seconds the amount of pasta you are purchasing needs to boil. The take-out Lasagne ai Carciofi is nirvana!

Cimina Funghi: The ultimate – Fresh truffles (tartufi), both white and black, as well as fresh porcini and ovoli (Amanita Caesarea) mushrooms and assorted local specialty products. Cimina Funghi is located in the nearby town of Ronciglione, Via Cassia Cimina. Welcome to Arcadia!

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