The Master Class Residency

October 18th – November 1st, 2021

In the spirit of the summer JSS in Civita Master Class, this fall program is designed to nurture and probe the broad essentials that the act of still life and landscape painting bring to bear in the development of a pictorial language. The Master Class Residency with Susan Jane Walp & Israel Hershberg offers instruction, critique and exchange in an intimate setting in the most pictorially evocative landscape in Italy: Civita Castellana and environs, the birthplace of open air painting. For those working with still life, a studio classroom will be at their disposal while those choosing the landscape will certainly prefer to work on-site. In either venue, Susan and Israel will be offering instruction in real-time. One may alternate freely between the two venues. Individual studio spaces are also available. (Interview with Susan Jane Walp)

The Guided Residency

November 1st – 15th, 2021

Following on the heels of the Master Class, the Guided Residency permits an opportunity to create momentum and further expand the advances gained in the previous two weeks. This will be a more loosely structured study environment of independent work punctuated by periodic sessions of direction, conversation and critique custom-tailored to each individual’s preferences. The studio classroom will be available for those wishing to continue working with still life. Again, individual studio spaces are also available.

Living Eating & Travel*

* Lodging, meals & transport structure differs from our summer program – parameters below apply for Fall 2021

Lodging Options

Accommodations are not included in the tuition. You may arrange your living preference via email with our Lodging & Travel Partner, Rosy Lazzari of Tuscialand Tours in Civita Castellana.

Options are varied. One may choose a single room or a shared double room at Civita’s charming Relais Falisco Hotel (breakfast buffet included) or opt for apartment living in a private apartment or single room in a shared apartment. All apartments come with double beds, kitchen, weekly linen service and all utilities included.

(One is free to make their own arrangements via services like Airbnb, but based on our experience, location and convenience will likely be in question. Rosy has partnered with us for years and has the desired native familiarity with Civita, our program and participants to be helpful, with prices comparable to Airbnb.)


Board is not included in the tuition fee. Participants lunch and dine in Civita’s authentic, convenient, reasonably priced and varied slow-food bars, restaurants, rosticcerias, wine bars, bakeries, pizzerias, and supermarkets. (All restaurants have vegetarian options). Participants often group to eat together and on Monday evenings we all dine as a group to talk, get acquainted and share ideas and experiences relating to painting or more profane matters. Those who choose apartment living have the option of cooking for themselves using the town’s convenient array of supermarkets, mini-markets, delis, bakeries, cheesemakers and farmers’ market. Civita is not a tourist trap – restaurant and grocery prices are at a bargain and the quality (you’re in Italy!) wonderful.

Transport & Travel

Here too, participants may arrange for their transport from and to Fiumicino Airport (FCO) via email with our Lodging & Travel Partner, Rosy of Tuscialand, unless you are renting a car or have made other travel arrangements. Tuscialand’s shuttle bus/van leaves for Civita Castellana at noon from FCO on Monday, October 19 – please let Rosy know if you wish to be included. If you are arriving or departing on a day other than Mondays, you can also arrange for private transport to Civita or the airport via Rosy.

We encourage participants wishing to travel to art destinations in Italy – Firenze, Siena, Bologna, Napoli, etc – on weekends. Italy’s vast art treasuries are unmatched and can provide the kind of comprehensive and inspiring experience that will nourish your time in Civita. Groups wishing to travel together may reserve a minibus through Rosy of Tuscialand or consult Rosy about the most expedient way to reach your destination. Rome is reachable by train from Civita, and tickets may also be purchased through Rosy.

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Tuition & Fees

Supplies & How to Pack

Shopping in and around Civita