For the Passionate Sightseer

Excursions are an integral component of the JSS in Civita experience. Participants are free to explore Italy’s vast art treasuries as part of an integrated comprehensive experience of art and life that exists nowhere else. The sheer quality and quantity of it dwarfs all that comprises the Western world’s museums combined. These excursions for the passionate sightseer nourish a lifetime *.

Excursions to any of Italy’s art repositories can be arranged both individually or  as a group via our Lodging & Travel Partner, Rosy Lazzari of Tuscialand Tours . Rosy can provide assistance and guidance for travel throughout Italy with either public transportation, local limousine  services or automobile and van operators to suit the situation.

We recommend doing a web search to confirm that your desired destinations are open to the public at the time you wish to visit. Reservation tickets where available should be purchased to avoid discovering that your desired destination is unexpectedly closed when you arrive.

IMG_6384.JPGMosaic portrait from Villa Julia Felix, Pompeii. Museo Archeologico, Napoli

Cappella_brancacci,_Distribuzione_delle_elemosine_e_la_morte_di_Anania_(restaurato),_MasaccioMasaccio, Cappella Brancacci, Firenze

800px-saint-antony-beaten-by-the-devils-_sassetta-siena_pinacotecaSassetta, San Antonio Beaten by the Devils, Pinacoteca Nazionale, Siena

*Note: JSS in Civita does not offer “guided” tours out of conviction. We feel that looking and experiencing art should be immediate rather than mediated – it should be explored in the language of its creation. To maximize one’s experience we urge participants to draw and transcribe from the great masterworks as a way of exploring their manifold qualities, and if not on your own then with a likeminded companion. If you need guidance in finding a pertinent or meaningful art destination, feel free to consult the faulty.

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