For the Passionate Sightseer

The weekly excursions are an integral component of the JSS in Civita experience. Participants of all three programs join together on Thursdays to explore Italy’s vast art treasuries as part of an integrated comprehensive experience of art and life that exists nowhere else. The sheer quality and quantity of it dwarfs all that comprises the Western world’s museums combined. These excursions for the passionate sightseer nourish a lifetime *.

For summer 2019, the excursion schedule will be set as below. Unlike previous years, excursions can be added to your painting experience individually and coach transportation will be arranged in close collaboration with our local travel agent, Rosy of Tuscialand, who will offer tickets for individual excursions in advance to keep costs as low as possible.

IMG_6384.JPGMosaic portrait from Villa Julia Felix, Pompeii. Museo Archeologico, Napoli

Cappella_brancacci,_Distribuzione_delle_elemosine_e_la_morte_di_Anania_(restaurato),_MasaccioMasaccio, Cappella Brancacci, Firenze

800px-saint-antony-beaten-by-the-devils-_sassetta-siena_pinacotecaSassetta, San Antonio Beaten by the Devils, Pinacoteca Nazionale, Siena

*Note: JSS in Civita does not offer “guided” tours out of conviction. We feel that looking and experiencing art should be immediate rather than mediated – it should be explored in the language of its creation. To maximize one’s experience we urge participants to draw and transcribe from the great masterworks as a way of exploring their manifold qualities, and if not on your own then with a likeminded companion. Orientations on the evening before scheduled excursions are provided as are maps and suggested destinations.

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Excursion Schedule 2019

June 13: Roma

June 20:  Piero Trail – Monterchi | San Sepolchro | Arezzo

June 27: Painting trip to Cottanello

July 4: Napoli

July 11: Firenze

July 18: Piero Trail –  Arezzo | San Sepolchro | Urbino 

July 25: Siena

 August 1: Roma

Please email us at with any questions and inquiries.

Note: Excursion destinations and dates may change due to scheduling conflicts, holiday closures or sudden changes in museum hours.