Painting in the Italian Landscape

July 2nd – July 16th 2018

2015.005 View from Otricoli 14.25x17.5 oil on linen mounted on woodKurt Moyer, View from Otricoli, 2015, oil on linen on wood, 14.25×17.5 “


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Course Description:

In this class we will work directly from nature in the unparalleled environment of Civita Castellana.  Civita is an ancient hill town steeped in history and charm.  You will be following in the footsteps of great artists like Corot, Turner, Ingres, and many others while finding your own compositions within this historical landscape.

We will spend our days painting and exploring the town and the surrounding landscape, working together as a group with plenty of individual instruction and guidance.

This class is open to painters of all levels who are interested in developing their work through the process of direct observation.  Painting while immersed in the landscape will open your eyes to see more color, more beauty, and lead to a richer connection to your environment.  We have all felt wonderment and awe in front of a beautiful landscape, and in this class I will teach you the tools and methods needed to translate those feelings into good painting.  I will encourage students to paint quickly and efficiently using the color of this luminous place as our paramount subject.

The class will meet every morning just after breakfast on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Special group excursions open to all JSS participants will be held on Thursdays (see the “Excursions” link for more info).  Weekends and afternoons are free for independent work, additional trips to nearby towns, or hop the train to Rome!  Critiques will be regular, friendly, and informal.  Admiring each others’ work and seeing how fellow students solve similar problems will lead to a richer experience for all.

In this class you will:

~  Learn to look for compelling color and compositions in the landscape.

~  Learn drawing techniques that are designed to find correct relationships and proportion simply and quickly.

~  Learn and practice color mixing and pallet management.

~  Learn to use color and value relationships to distinguish various layers of space.

~  Think critically about your work and make adjustments to bring your painting to completion.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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